Dr. Ricardo Sagarminaga van Buiten


Spanish-Dutch biologist and mariner, Dr. Ricardo Sagarminaga van Buiten has dedicated his 30 years of professional life to the investigation and conservation of the marine environment. Specialized in the study of top pelagic species as marine turtles, cetaceans, tunas, sharks and seabirds, Dr. Sagarminaga focuses on the building of a scientific foundation for the management of risks to the biological diversity of oceanic ecosystems, and from there the development and testing of pragmatic solutions to global environmental challenges. The success of this pragmatic approach, which includes a carefully designed stakeholder communication and involvement strategy, has been internationally recognized. This approach is currently being applied to projects of marine protected area management and also specific sectorial management issues of concern, such as bycatch of protected species in fisheries, ship strikes, debris pollution, noise, and etc. Selected as ASHOKA Social Entrepreneur in 2014, Dr. Sagarminaga’s current focus is mainly on creating a global network to build bridges between industrial tuna fishing fleets and coastal community development programs in marine protected areas of Africa, the Americas and Europe.


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