H.E. Dr. Nabil Mohamed

Minister of Higher Education and Research, Republic of Djibouti

Dr. Nabil Mohamed was appointed Minister in May, 2011, from his position as the Director of the Life Sciences Institute at CERD, 1995-2011. In that capacity, Dr. Nabil Mohamed Ahmed has initiated several initiatives for sustainable use of natural resources particularly in assesment of the country potantial in renewable energy solar, wind and geothermal), water geochimistry, as well as risk management and resilience. He also launched several reforms in higher education curriculum with special focus on adequation training/employment. He created the faculty of ingeenering of Djibouti and lunched several projects to modernize curriculum and tools to an international standard. As Previous Director of Life Sciences Institute at the Djibouti Research Center (1995 – 2011), Dr. Nabil elaborated several Research/development programs and strategies (afforestation, Rehabilitation of degraded lands, Environment and Biodiversity protection, Natural Resources Management). In this framework he created the date palm Tissue Culture Laboratory as a contribution to biosecurity and poverty alleviation strategy of the country. As Chairman of “Bender Djedid” NGO, Dr. Nabil held projects aiming to strengthen NGO’s and community association capacity building. He also gave assistance and support to vulnerable population. Dr. Nabil Mohamed is the author of several publications(over 35) PhD in Plant Biology and Physiology (1995, Clermont-Ferrand, France) with additionnal training on Habitat and Biodiversity Conservation and projects management). On 30 August 2008, HE the President of the Republic of Djibouti, elevated Dr. Nabil to the special distinction of « Officier de l’Ordre National du 27 juin 1977 ». Languages : French, English, Arabic, Somali.


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