Manish Sood

CEO & Chief Product Manager at Smart Data Science LLC

Manish Sood is the CEO & Chief Product Manager at Smart Data Science LLC (, a New York City based firm that applies the innovations in big data, machine learning, advanced analytics and mobile & wearable devices to make its global clients more resilient, productive and competitive. He is also the CEO of InboxMind, a smart data science application to enhance email productivity for busy professionals. 

His expertise includes data science, advance analytics and product development with over 18 years of experience advising global enterprises and government agencies become more effective by leveraging their data, knowledge and relationship networks. Manish holds multiple patents on the adaptive behavior learning algorithms, dynamic prioritization of electronic communications, social networks mapping, and productivity & collaboration analytics. He has built and led start-ups into successful businesses providing unique product & services for Fortune-500 and government clients. He has held various management positions in the research & development, early stage technology commercialization, manufacturing and business development operations of mid to large multinational corporations. He is a frequent speaker and presenter on the topics of data science applications for integrated risk management. He is currently advising multiple federal and municipal government agencies on building information systems for understanding, communication and management of risk. Manish holds an Executive MS in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology, New Jersey, USA. He holds BS in Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management. (Email: , Phone: +1 (646) 773-7726)

Smart Data Science LLC (SDS) under the supervision of The World Bank, and in close collaboration with the Center for Studies and Research of Djibouti (CERD) is in the process of delivering a Risk Management Digital Platform for the Republic of DJIBOUTI. One of the major objectives of this platform will be to make all the non-sensitive risk management information, awareness & training materials produced in the preceding years available to the wider public and private sector partners. This includes risk data, risk maps, risk and vulnerability assessment, post disaster needs assessment, videos, newsletters, press releases and media information (internet, newspaper or television) and links to DRM program events.
The platform will also serve as an information dissemination platform for schools and national stakeholders to more effectively communicate and provide feedback to decision makers. Users will be able to search and filters the results by relevant location. The future phases include extending the digital platform with smart phone applications for the Djibouti government decision-makers, collecting information from the field personnel, as well as disseminating non-sensitive data to different stakeholders as decided by the Djibouti government. In order to ensure the sustainable growth and maintenance of the platform, CERD will be responsible for the updating, upgrading and management of the platform.


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